Distantly Supervised Road Segmentation

Workshop on Computer Vision for Road Scene Understanding and Autonomous Driving in ICCV 2017

By : Satoshi Tsutsui, Tommi Kerola, Shunta Saito


We present an approach for road segmentation that only requires image-level annotations at training time. We leverage distant supervision, which allows us to train our model using images that are different from the target domain. Using large publicly available image databases as distant supervisors, we develop a simple method to automatically generate weak pixel-wise road masks. These are used to iteratively train a fully convolutional neural network, which produces our final segmentation model. We evaluate our method on the Cityscapes dataset, where we compare it with a fully supervised approach. Further, we discuss the trade-off between annotation cost and performance. Overall, our distantly supervised approach achieves 93.8% of the performance of the fully supervised approach, while using orders of magnitude less annotation work.


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