Bioinformatics / Healthcare

Adaptation of deep learning to biotechnology/life science industry

PFN conducts R&D and drive commercialization of deep learning application for omics analysis, medical image analysis, and drug discovery.

  • omics analysis: early cancer detection using miRNA
  • medical image analysis: disease identification using X-ray, CT and MRI images
  • Drug discovery: structure-based screening of potential compounds

We continue to expand and accelerate our research efforts in the field of Biomedical and Life Sciences.


The Development of a Skin Cancer Classification System for Pigmented Skin Lesions Using Deep Learning

Biomolecules 2020 (selected for 2022 Best Paper Award)

By : Shunichi Jinnai, Naoya Yamazaki, Yuichiro Hirano, Yohei Sugawara, Yuichiro Ohe, Ryuji Hamamoto

Development of a Stereo-Vision Based High-Throughput Robotic System for Mouse Tail Vein Injection

ICRA 2022

By : Tianyi Ko, Koichi Nishiwaki, Koji Terada, Yusuke Tanaka, Shun Mitsumata, Ryuichi Katagiri, Taketo Junko, Naoshi Horiba, Hideyoshi Igata, Kazue Mizuno