Two-fingered Hand with Gear-type Synchronization Mechanism with Magnet for Improved Small and Offset Objects Grasping: F2 Hand

IROS 2023


By : Naoki Fukaya, Avinash Ummadisingu, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Guilherme Maeda, Shin-ichi Maeda

A problem that plagues robotic grasping is the misalignment of the object and gripper due to difficulties in precise localization, actuation, etc. Under-actuated robotic hands with compliant mechanisms are used to adapt and compensate for these inaccuracies. However, these mechanisms come at the cost of controllability and coordination. For instance, adaptive functions that let the fingers of a two-fingered gripper adapt independently may affect the coordination necessary for grasping small objects. In this work, we develop a two-fingered robotic hand capable of grasping objects that are offset from the gripper’s center, while still having the requisite coordination for grasping small objects via a novel gear-type synchronization mechanism with a magnet. This gear synchronization mechanism allows the adaptive finger’s tips to be aligned enabling it to grasp objects as small as toothpicks and washers. The magnetic component allows this coordination to automatically turn off when needed, allowing for the grasping of objects that are offset/misaligned from the gripper. This equips the hand with the capability of grasping light, fragile objects (strawberries, creampuffs, etc) to heavy frying pan lids, all while maintaining their position and posture which is vital in numerous applications that require precise positioning or careful manipulation.

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